Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Bite- World Malaria Day

Hi everyone,
Today is World Malaria Day so my post today is to inform in this creative manner as a mosquito, which is the cause spread of this.

From the moment he kissed me I was hooked. As I look back now and I realized how na├»ve I was. He approached me with such confident “hey how you doing”. He was dark, lean, and handsome. He had super powers to maneuver his body into such small spaces

“They are so trusting, not realizing that someone as handsome as me can cause such havoc on their lives”. Humans they always love the malaria day 2013

I am a world class traveler, but I mostly love to visit the hot Sub Saharan African continent. Where I am from is also very beautiful. I originate from Italy. Yes I am Italian; my original name is mala aria- which means bad or evil. Let me tell you some more about my life. I love flying, but my favorite thing to do is to bite unexpected children, mostly under the age of five.

Then I inject my infectious parasite called plasmodium into their bodies. Then the parasites multiply in their bodies. Then the parasites multiply in the liver and then infect the red blood cells.

I kill 65,000 children a year from malaria. When I have infected you, you may feel feverish, you may have headaches, and you may even vomit. I am an extravert so I love people. I love the ones who live in the poorest countries because they are the most vulnerable to my malaria.

But those humans are trying to cramp my style by having this World Malaria Day. They want you to help do something to intervene. They would like you to know that when you help your donations to this fund will educate family members on malaria prevention, mosquito nets, and treat children suffering from malaria, chagas disease and dengue fever.

So are you interested in this dark Italian casa nova?  All it takes is one !

You know I always leave you with a song,enjoy this song by Big Daddy Weave.


Mala Aria