Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm so hungry.....

John 6:33 for the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.

Regardless of where we live in this world and our circumstances, or how much or little money we have we all hunger and thirst for something deeper.

Can you imagine your stomach hurting so badly because it’s had no food in days? You search even the garbage but not even there you can find food. This is life for the Dalit (“untouchable”) children in South Asia. Hunger, poverty, and mistreatment are the way of life for these children.

As a mother I worry about having enough for my family. I ask my daughter to choose out of the many choices of snacks. I ask her what kind of juice boxes she wants. How we take having so many choices so lightly. Still I worry daily being on a budget. There have been times in which I only have so much and I put my trust in the Lord to provide for my family.

Can you imagine not having any choices, not having food to fill your child’s stomach? No energy that their body can recharge to play and enjoy being children. Not only is there no choice of foods but they do not know the comfort of Jesus either.

I am selfish, self-indulged, and work on a one track mind most of the times.  We who have should be thankful, yet we are never satisfied. Should we not be thankful and mindful of others? I speak to myself also when I speak these words. As I read this assignment the story of the unselfish boy and his fish and bread on the mount came to mind. When Jesus asked his disciple Phillip “where can we buy bread to feed all these people”, Phillip did not see the vision ahead nor the bigger miracle.

I believe the special young boy did. He could have kept quiet and not share the little lunch he had, thinking only of himself. But there was a greater vision in him and the glory of God to come.

  This miracle fed 5000…..Your miracle for one can extend out to many others also. We are blessed, so we should also bless others.

This miracle began with a sacrifice. Jesus used the lunch offered to minister to the needs of a multitude, the same way he will bless your gift and sacrifices so that they can come to the rescue of others.
Jesus taught that bread (food) is a necessity of life, but the greater need is for Spiritual sustenance that satisfies the soul. What if we can help a child to have both?

Oh Lord God we ask you today to fill our hearts with compassion, help us through the Holy Spirit to feel the infirmities of our brothers and sisters. We pray that your greater glory will come with the gifts and sacrifices that each person will give. In the name of Jesus.

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