Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Struggling to Rise

What if God came for his world right now? The question I am asking myself is will I make it? Will I be in heaven in the end with my heavenly Father? What am I doing for the one that holds my life in the palm of his hand?  What if my maker said ok Sadornia your time is up, what then?

I am still working out this Christian life, it is a very complex thing; or is it? To the carnal (human) mind, the mind that does not understand the spiritual mysteries it is very complicated.
It can also be very frustrating, and tiring. But what if we just let go? If we just say Lord Jesus please help me I do not understand, I cannot understand without you. Will it be easier? Although not yet perfected and at times I still struggle. I think the answer is yes, it can be easier.
If we truly know that Jesus is with us at all times. And that he has given us the authority and power to trample under feet our enemies, we will be more at ease.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying it will be a fairy tale, but we will have the strength to keep fighting. I am struggling with some serious circumstances lately. Family, marriage, obedience, motherhood, Christianity, truth, faith, trust, honesty, and most of all giving up myself over to Jesus. Getting to my destination seems to be taking forever and the long journey has made me weary at times.
I use to be so in love with my Jesus. The thought of reading and learning more about him was top priority. I was like a young girl in love for the first time; it was so exciting.
Let me tell you that if you take your eyes, and your heart off Jesus for a minute, that is too long. He said to seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all its righteousness and then he will add to you all things (Matthew 6:33). God also said if my people that are called by my name would humble themselves and turn from their sin he will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Right now in my life I need my spirit to be healed. There is too much at stake here. There is a world of people out there that needs you and me.

My family needs me. My children need me. The hungry baby in Africa needs me. The woman whose husband beats her every night needs me. The Christian, who is struggling with faith, needs my words of encouragement. The world needs me and my prayer also the salvation I hold in my spirit and the gospel that I received from Christ Jesus.

I have decided that I will not throw the towel in. I will seek the kingdom. I made a vow to God. Jesus is living in me. This body I have is a shell, a carrier for my spirit, which is the same spirit of Christ.
I am strong and in the name of JESUS I will not give up. We cannot make it alone, so when you feel your light distinguishing please ask for help, it will come. I just want to say that who ever is reading this blog I love you, because Christ has given me that love, but the Savoir and the Messiah loves you a million times more.

God we need the help of the Holy Spirit today, not tomorrow but now. I cannot make it without you. The power of this world is strong but you are at the right hand of the Father fighting for me as I speak. Send me help so I may do your will and serve others. Please help me to know that your love is here always. No power on earth is mightier than the power in your name. Fill my heart and humble my spirit to submit to you in the name of Jesus Christ.


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