Monday, November 12, 2012

Keeping our Promise to Jesus

What are the most important things Jesus asks of us as Christians? There are so many things to be done. In case we have not we have not notice the minutes are turning quickly into hours and the hours into weeks.

I am hard on myself at times, but that is because I don’t want to let Jesus down. After all he has done so much for me. Every day he breathes the breath of life in me and gives me the chance to live. How special am I?

Our lives are not our own, we don’t have the right to even say I want this and I want that. He is lending life to each of us. He bought us with a price, his life and his blood. How could we be so bold to demand so much from him?

 I had a vision about five to six months ago, it goes as such: I was home and I heard that Jesus was coming, so I started trying to get ready because I knew Jesus would be disappointed in me. In the the vision I was worried because I felt like I was not going to make it to heaven. In the vision someone spoke to my Spirit and told me that I was not making it to heaven because I was a bad person, but due to the fact that I did not full fill my purpose, then I woke up.

The message was clear and it frightened me. Imagine you go everyday thinking I’m good and I am going to heaven. Then boom on that marvelous day, your name gets pulled up and Jesus say to you depart from me I know you not. He also said that many will say Lord, Lord but will not enter in.

I am also reading a book by Oswald. J. Smith the Challenge of Missions. The frankness of the book is refreshing and mind provoking. Basically it is saying the most important thing is to spread the good news. A paragraph from page 44: “I did not tell you to work the same gardens and lawns again and again, year after year. I told you to bring the entire estate under cultivation, to cultivate it at least once. That you did not do; in fact, you did not even attempt to cultivate it, and when your companions insisted upon going and doing their part, you objected. No! There is no reward. Many a one, I am afraid is going to be disappointed you maybe that one”
This book is telling us of the importance as Christians to mission and spread the good news. The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few.

God corrects and discipline his children. We should take it as a good thing, a chance to get back on the right path. I feel Christians, myself included are not pulling our weight. We can do so much more. Believe it or not the devil is pulling his to deceive to kill, and to destroy us. Hello!  He is angry. Do you think the devil likes you or want you to do great things? No, it does not matter to him if you are dead or heavy hearted.

The church is too separated; everyone is just doing their own thing, worrying about themselves. When was the last time we really supported each other.

Being a Christian is not about competition it’s about compassion, and Jesus’ work needs to be done, are we preaching or promoting the kingdom of heaven or are we promoting the kingdom of earth. This place is not our home we are just passing through.

God made us exceptional, wonderful, powerful and marvelous beings. Have you forgotten that he said let us make man in our image. So if you are the mirror image of Jesus and his Spirit is inside of you what are we so afraid of?  Do not wish to be like anyone else, God made you and I unique. There is no one like you. We need to use the abilities he has given to us, each of us are important to Jesus.

The Spirit brought to my attention the scripture of the ten servants in Luke 19:11-27 Please do not just sit around and waste your talents and time, I am working on this too. Remember we cannot say tomorrow, we do not hold the authority because tomorrow is not promised to no man.

Start with simple things. Tell one person about the love of the Lord, testify to them how the Lord has worked in your life. Perhaps that person will listen and their heart will want to know Jesus and it will spread.
I was walking on a Sunday morning and I was just into myself, looking around and thinking about life. I saw another walker coming towards me, so I chose to move over on the side walk. As he past he said in a bold perky way “good morning” because I was so self-indulged I was not going to say good morning. When he said it I felt good. Then I saw another walker approaching so I thought to myself the other guy did not have to say good morning, he chooses to. As the other walker passed I said “good morning”. Who knows! Don’t think of what others are doing or not doing; just do what God needs you to do.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Jehovah Shalom the one who brings peace to the world, we come before you today asking for purpose and directions. Please in the name of Jesus help us to be in one accord like the day of Pentecost. Help us to love one another and to full fill the work that you have left for us, in the name of Jesus.

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