Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Word

It has no gender, no color, nor creed. It has no nation and no religion. There is no special place or right time. Victor Hugo said “those who do not weep do not see”.

Life has a way of bending you; it has a way of speaking to you without even a word. I will share a true story about a woman when she was young and unlearned in the school of life.

She was only 20, but felt as if she had already lived half her life. She had already seen hard times. She had already ridden the roller coaster of life. Some days she felt like the churning in her belly would never go away of hanging upside down to please others. 

She had felt life growing inside of her. God had given her the opportunity to know what it was to have life inside a life.So how could she? How could she be wondering about such a thing that made her in the end feel like a monster? 

She was fearful of life and what it held for her. If she only knew at the time what God had in mind for her life? 

She was a statistic- a young pregnant high school drop-out. Living with a man that she knew deep down she had no future with. Hope kept her alive.

She was taught that only God can take and give life. But what was she to do? Her boyfriend told her that this was not the right time.

She lay on her back in the blue gown. The room was cold, not from the temperature but from all the lives that came in this same room broken and confused. She could not go back; she had made a decision that would change her. How could it not? She had once before gone through the pain of child birth and was presented with the sweetest gift.

Time passed but there was still an empty space in her heart for the one that could have been. She sits thinking, what eye color would they have had. What would their hair color be? Or what would it sound like to hear the word mom rolled off their tongue.

These thoughts cut through her like a sharp razor. All she could do was cry. The tears flow from her soul like a monsoon. A tsunami rushed over her heart and came through her eyes. It washed away the hurt, the disappointment she felt about her choice.

Tears divide and disrupts. It demolishes strong holds. It release and it purifies.

Some have the misconception that crying is a weak man remedy, but I believe it only takes a strong being to face truth and allow themselves to be broken.

I wrote this blog today for http://blog.compassion.com

I urge you today to help lighten the burden(s) off the shoulder of a young child, by sponsoring or donating. Let God show you his world and how you can help.

Virginia Casey said “tears are like rain they loosen up our soil so we can grow in different directions”

For all the women who have been in a similar situation, there is forgiveness in love through Christ. This song by Yahzarah is for you(new life, new love)

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

You know I always leave you with some inspiration, enjoy the songs.

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Music by Sade, Ayo and Yahzarah

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