Wednesday, November 27, 2013

God is still in control

A lot of times we go through this life giving up too quickly and easily. When we should stand up and fight and proclaim victory we run away from the battle, forgetting about all the promises of God.

I will be speaking today about the story of Joseph. The Bible tells us in Genesis that Joseph was loved more than the other sons of his Father (Jacob), because he was born to him in his old age. His father made him a fancy coat/robe.

His brothers hated him and could not speak a kind word to him. They plotted to kill him (Genesis 37:18-18). Then they sold him and took him to Egypt. Potiphar an Egyptian who was one of Pharaoh's officials bought him. The Bible tells us that the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered, and he lived in the house of his Egyptian master. Joseph found favor in his eyes and became his attendant and Potiphar put him in charge of his household and entrusted to his care everything he owned.

Now we see that even though Joseph was going through some stuff, some unkind situations the Lord was still there with him and was still blessing him.

The story tells us that Joseph was well-built and handsome. His master’s wife took notice and wanted to sleep with him. I’m going to break the story down briefly. He was wrongfully accused and was put into prison. Do you know that the devil try to put some of us in prison. It does not have to be the physical prison, but he plays tricks with our minds, life, and circumstances.
Guess what even though Joseph was in prison the Lord was still with him. The Bible said:  he showed kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden. The warden put him in charge. While he was in prison there were two prisoners who had dreams and the Lord enabled Joseph to interpret their dreams.

Time passed and when Pharaoh had a couple of dreams and needed them interpreted, the prisoner that had his dream interpret by Joseph remembered him and told Pharaoh that he knew a Hebrew that could tell him the meaning of his dreams.

Joseph interpreted the dreams and saved Egypt from a horrible famine. Genesis 41:39-40 the Pharaoh said to Joseph, since God has made all this known to you, there is no one so discerning and wise as you. You shall be in charge of my palace, and ALL my people are to SUBMIT to your orders. Only with respect to the throne will I be greater than you.

I want to encourage those that are going through trials and tribulations. Those that cannot see a way out of whatever situation(s) they are in.  I want to tell you there is a way out, he is called JESUS. What some take for evil God will turn it out for good. Pray and trust in the God of Abraham. He is the same God that parted the Red sea. He still is the same God who performs miracles. There is NOTHING too hard for God.

Like Joseph we must be a humble servant and wait patiently upon our change(s) with constant prayer, hope and faith. God said whatever door he has open no man can close, no door that he has shut can be opened. Let us remember that only one man died for us, his name is JESUS-EMANUEL. Let God sort out life for you. The devil can hate you as much as he chooses; man can do all kinds of evil against you, but who the Lord has blessed no man can curse.

If you want to go deeper into the story of Joseph read (Genesis 41-50)

Let’s pray: Father we come before you willing to give up and let you be victorious for us. We ask that you will strengthen us in faith, hope, love and humbleness. We ask that you purify our intentions and our minds. Help us to be like your servant Joseph. Help us to have faith that even though we do not understand at times we will still trust in you, because you always have a better plan for us. Teach us to wait upon you. Thou they plot evil against me and devise wicked schemes,they cannot succeed. Thank you Lord for everything you have done and will do in my life, in Jesus’name. 

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